Happy Heart, Happy Home Retreat
Advent 2020

Are you:

* Dreading getting out of bed?

* Dragging through the hours, wondering why you do what you do?

* Not sure what – if anything – you accomplish each day?

A mom shared with me that she had “a heavy heart”, and I realized that
Catholic moms truly need encouragement in their noble vocations as mothers.

Professionals commonly participate in on-going trainings to continually hone their skills,
but moms are often forgotten after the baby showers.

But what we moms have undertaken is loftier than any temporal profession:
we are caring for the souls, minds, and bodies of our children, whose eternal beatitude is at stake.

Is it selfish to want to be happy? I don’t think so.

Rather, we should recognize that moms need to put on their own oxygen masks first
to have the necessary energy, fortitude, and stamina
to care for their families around the clock, day in and day out, year after selfless year.
Having a happy heart will spill out to make our home happy as well.

Consider these words given to us in the Roman Missal to pray:

Deliver us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, from all evils, past, present, and to come: and by the intercession of the blessed and glorious Mary, ever a virgin, Mother of God, and of Thy holy apostles Peter and Paul, of Andrew, and of all the saints, graciously grant peace in our days, that through the help of Thy bountiful mercy we may always be free from sin and secure from all disturbance.

So does God want us to be happy? I think the answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!”

So how do we start moving toward this happy heart and home?

We have to order our daily lives well to accomplish what we ought
and to discard the nonessentials.

Would you like to join for me for a free, virtual Advent Retreat?

By the end of the four weeks of Advent, you will have:

  • Made your spiritual life a priority
  • Audited your time to uncover where you are choosing to spend it
  • Pinpointed what you need to include in your day and how to do that
  • Pinpointed what you need to discard from your day and how to do that

Who am I, anyway? I’m Regina –

* A mom of many children, with the oldest in the Fourth Plane of Development

* Was a brick-and-mortar Catholic Montessori school mom, now homeschooling using Catholic Montessori principles

* Happy, peaceful, and mostly calm amidst the busyness of everyday life

* Loving bringing home Catholic Montessori principles to other moms and families

From moms I have helped . . .

I read your review of Taking Charge and have read a few chapters of the book. Already the section on giving positive attention during neutral times has borne fruit. Thank you for the very timely recommendation! I love your idea for an Advent retreat. I’m looking forward to it and already the topics are helping me evaluate our days. With much gratitude and prayers –

~ C.G.


A couple weeks ago . . . I asked each of my toddlers to put away the one book she was reading, before we went to bake muffins together. My two year old was at the bookcase when her little sister toddled over with her book. Without any suggestion from me, my older daughter assisted the baby with putting away her book, and then moved on to cleaning up the pile of books and toys on the floor, all the while involving her sister in the project. They put away all the books and toys that were out, together, cooperatively, while I just sat on the couch and stared…(and then unobtrusively made some video evidence). When I originally asked them to put away one book each, I hadn’t even intended to clean up the whole living room.

~ M.L.


Thank you so much for having this website and for having the charity in your heart to help other moms get through the difficulties of Catholic parenting. . . . I have had amazing results since reading the book!!! Just getting the tip of this book was so worth reaching out to you!

~ J.M.


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