Have you ever wondered . . .

“What is with this child?!”

I used to get so frustrated with my child’s “bad” behavior.

Catholic Montessori taught me the reasons for those behaviors,
which led me to correct and improve how I interacted with my child.

Only then did my child improve her own behaviors, and our family life became much happier.

When Covid stay-at-home orders were in full force in 2020, I read a horrible story. Child abuse cases, as recorded by Emergency Room visits, were going through the roof.

The root cause? Many parents felt deep frustration because they couldn’t handle being around their own children for long periods of time. This frustration turned into anger, taken out on their children.

The idea of parents not able to be around their own flesh and blood really saddened me.

I was moved to share what Catholic Montessori taught me: how to get better at child raising. It’s a skill I learned, and you can learn it too.

“Why did this stop working?”

You think you’ve finally figured out how to take care of your children.

Then things change. Your baby starts teething. Your toddler stops napping. And your older children are hailing the Mom Taxi more often.

What had been working stops working.

And you’re back to square one, trying to figure out how to take care of your family.

How would you like a roadmap of your child-raising journey?

Maria Montessori gave us that roadmap through her observation-based explanation of the Four Planes of Development, from birth to around 24 years of age.

After child raising with that Catholic Montessori roadmap for 20 years, I now guide moms who want to travel that path.

Here’s how it works:*


We get to know each other. I learn about you, your family, and your biggest stresses and struggles in child raising.


You learn about the Four Temperaments from a Catholic perspective. You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your family by identifying each person’s Temperament mix.


You learn Maria Montessori’s Four Planes of Development (of course with her Catholic worldview!). Then you’ll pinpoint the current Developmental Plane or Transition Stage of your child.


You choose which child-raising struggle you’d like to tackle first. Then I help you develop Catholic Montessori skills to improve your situation and reduce your stress.


You become a more confident and effective mom, and your children become more joyful and peaceful!

* This is for 1-on-1 personal sessions. The process is modified for the small group classes to better serve each person in the group.

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