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  • Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks

    The Chronicles of Narnia are perfect for the Second Plane child, offering rich language and captivating stories.

    These audiobooks are wonderful recordings of the full texts.  Each book is read by a single narrator.  These are not dramatized versions (which often include a music soundtrack and multiple readers.)

  • Montessori From the Start

    This book is full of practical tips for setting up a Montessori environment in your home for your 0-3-year-old.

    The ideas here encouraged us to try the floor bed, and we never used a crib again.

  • Montessori: On Religious Education

    Through careful preparation, this volume brings to us an exact reprint of the 1929 edition of The Child in the Church, a new translation from Italian of The Life of Christ in the Liturgical Year from 1949 (a reprint from the 1931 original), and a new translation from French of The Holy Mass (compiled in 1955 from talks that Montessori gave prior to her death in 1952).

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