5 Gifts from Catholic Montessori

You’ve found my site!  I’m happy that you’re here.

Since you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in Maria Montessori from a Catholic perspective. Maybe you’re just curious about Montessori and want to learn more about her methods.  Perhaps you’ve already read a little bit on Montessori but were troubled by the secular nature of most of the information out there.  Then you found out that Maria Montessori was a Catholic and are now eager to learn more.  Possibly, you are already trying to use Catholic Montessori ideas in your child raising but feel like you’re not getting it quite right.

Are you struggling
in your vocation as a Catholic mom?

Daily life can have a way of running us down.  Night after night, season after season passes.  At some point, with one child or after six, you may have woken up, still exhausted, and wondered, “Is this all there is to being a mom?  What is so great about all this daily drudgery anyway?  I give and give and give, and I’m just plain worn out.”  Has your heart become heavy?

Do you wake up wishing it were time to be getting into bed, not getting out of it?  Do your children not listen to you?  Is every little step a fight?  You know that there must be a better way, and you are searching and praying for God to show you that way.

I don’t have the answers to every problem in your life.  But I think I have a lot of answers to share.  How do I know that?  Because I’ve been where you are.  Feeling like I was failing as a mom.  Wondering why, no matter what I tried, our family was unhappy, our home life was chaos, and I just couldn’t figure out how to make things better.

But I’m not in that place anymore.  God granted to my husband and me the tremendous grace of learning how to use Catholic Montessori principles in our child raising.  Almost 20 years into this amazing journey, our home life is joyful, our children peaceful, and we’ve become better parents and – more fundamentally – better people.

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I want the same transformation for you.

So here are the 5 gifts I want to give you through sharing Catholic Montessori with you:


There is a better way for you and your family.  You can have joy, peace, and happiness in your home.  To start moving in that direction, you have to believe that these blessings are possible.  In sharing my own experiences, I want to inspire that belief in you.

A Plan

There is no such thing as a successful journey without a plan.  You cannot take a vacation without choosing your destination, figuring out how you are going to get there, and making the necessary preparations to actually go on the vacation.  Similarly, you can’t be a successful parent by just winging it.  You may get lucky now and then, and have a good day or even a good week.  But for the joy, peace, and happiness to last, you have to have a plan.  I want to help you figure out that child raising plan for your family.


Even if you have a great plan, to achieve your desired end, you must have the ability to bring the plan into reality.  That requires skills.  You have to work hard to learn the skills of Catholic Montessori child raising.  You have to develop the stamina and discipline to persevere, even when the results seem very far-off.  I want to share with you the skills that I’ve learned in my own journey of Catholic Montessori child raising.


You also must have confidence when you are using your Catholic Montessori child raising skills.  If you are constantly second-guessing yourself and hesitating, your children will realize that.  Your lack of confidence will show through and undermine your credibility.  Your children will not take you seriously as a parent, and you can end up in a worse place than where you started.  The good news?  When you improve your child raising skills, this confidence will come naturally.

Falling in Love

My ultimate goal?  To make you fall in love with motherhood again and help you be secure in your vocation as a Catholic mom.

You may be wondering, “Regina, why do you care?” Because I believe that we have a duty to share blessings that we have received. Catholic Montessori has been one of the greatest ongoing blessing to our family’s life, and now I want to share that with you.

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