5 Qualities to Encourage in Your Children for Easier Homeschooling

Montessori pedagogy is an art form in and of itself.  Unless one is a trained Montessori teacher, it can be very difficult to homeschool one’s own children with Montessori materials, even when using lesson plans that are available for purchase.

Through trial and error over many years, I’ve been able to sccessfully use non-Montessori curricula with a Montessori-minded  approach.  Encouraging these 5 qualities in your children are valuable helps for easier homeschooling.

1. Appreciation and a sense of wonder for the natural world

What this looks like: your child develops a fascination and love for the wonder of nature: the changing of the seasons, the movement of the stars, the busy tasks of insects and small animals.
Why this is important: when your child develops a fascination for the surrounding world, an intellectual curiosity begins to develop.  This leads to the development of the next quality.

2. Love for Learning

What this looks like: your child wants to know the why and how of things.
Why this is important: your child begins to develop the internal motivation to learn more out of a desire to know, which causes your child to study subjects from interest, not from force.

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3. Independence

What this looks like: your child develops the ability to work alone, not dependent upon your involvement (even though your help will still be needed at times).
Why this is important: your child begins to develop a sense of responsibility for the deepening of his own knowledge and the seeking out of answers.  Independence is foundational for the next quality.

4. Concentration

What this looks like: building upon independence, your child develops the ability to work alone for extended periods of time.
Why this is important: this aids in the development of deeper thinking on more difficult subjects.  For instance, if your child cannot concentrate for longer periods of time, it becomes much more difficult to complete an involved problem in higher math.

5. Obedience

What this looks like: your child continues working through difficult subjects while not really “wanting” to do so, but perseveres because you tell him he must do so.
Why this is important: sometimes, your child just doesn’t “feel like” doing school.  Yet, as the homeschooling parent, you have the responsibility to see that the schoolwork is finished.  When your child has developed the habit of obedience, persevering becomes more likely.

When your child attains these 5 qualities,
homeschooling becomes a joy.

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